Unplugged Controls v3.1

Last week we released version 3.1 of the Unplugged Controls project on OpenNTF.

It’s not as big a change as 3.0 but there are several new features which you may find useful, and also several bug fixes that are worth noting. The release notes have the full listing:

  • UnpFormEditor controls now fully supports display and saving of data to a different database
  • Radio buttons now display correctly
  • A new toggle switch control can be used (for an example see the Sampler application)
  • Fixed a bug where the navigator menu partially showed in portrait mode
  • Fixed a bug in the Sampler application where back button navigation worked incorrectly in Android
  • Fixed a bug where Font Awesome icons did not display correctly in mobile web browser
  • Fixed a bug where pages did not display correctly after syncing
  • Removed deprecated UnpNavigator control, the UnpNavigatorComputed should not be used
  • Improved demo of text editing in Sampler application
  • Fixed html data in Sampler application
  • Fixed bug where Dialog box was hidden under the navigator in landscape mode

As ever if you come across bugs or have an idea for an enhancement then please do log them at our Github project.