What does your desktop look like?

For the longest time I have done all of my development inside an IDE be it Eclipse or Domino Designer. But recently I’ve been playing with node.js (on which I’m sure I shall bore you later) and the nature of that sort of development is that you work in a text editor, terminal window and browser.

I’m sure this says more about me than it should, but I can’t quite organise my desktop into a setup which feels right. In an IDE you are constrained by the containing window and at least in the Eclipse world you can drag panes around within that. I have my perfect arrangement of windows and I know just where they all are. But with Sublime Text, Terminal, Chrome, Firefox and Safari all open for various tasks with the dev work I’m doing I end up with windows all over the place.

I’ve had a tool on the Mac called Window Tidy for a long time and that is helping but I’m curious, what do other people do with their desktops or am I just being completely OCD?