i guess every notes / domino person on the web will link to this pretty
quickly. but a killbot in futurama
“features lotus notes and a machine gun”. sounds like the perfect complement
for the office, it would stop managers interrupting you during the day when you
are trying to code anyway!

on a completely different note, i got a few new dvds earlier in the week
including the original versions of`get carter and ocean’s
. the former is an excellent, gritty film which sly managed to ruin in
the remake, no shocks there.
but i was led to believe that the original ocean’s 11 was the epitomy of the
“rat pack” cool of the 60s. if so then what was ll the fuss about? the remake starring george clooney and
brad pitt is inifinitely better in every way.

simon, fiona and helen are down for the traditional bank holiday weekend
festivities and we all went to see pirates of the caribbean. what can
i say but it is an excellent summer film – funny, superb effects and pure
escapism. it is the big barbeque today (around 25 people going i think), the
weather is pretty good and i would guess that everyone will get thrown into the
pool as usual.