Heading home

It seems like a long time since I went away on holiday, and it is. Since the middle of July I’ve been to Latitude (great), Madeira (great), IamLUG (great) and run an XPages101 day (seemed to go well). So all in all it’s been a really enjoyable few weeks.

I’m sat in JFK airport in New York waiting to start the final leg of the journey home and much as it’s been a great couple of weeks away, I am *really* looking forward to getting back home and just decompressing for a couple of days before getting back into the real world with a vengeance on Monday morning.

IamLUG was a really superb event, Chris and the rest of the team do put on a good show. Everything was run incredibly smoothly, the content was very good indeed and, as ever, the people were great company. I presented my “Ten XPages Design Patterns” session, probably for the last time as I’ve used it for a year now. So I need to start thinking about future sessions pretty seriously now. (Bet you can’t guess what I plan to speak about next time!).

After IamLUG, we had the inaugural “Tack It On” day, and I’d really like to thank David Leedy for his invaluable assistance during the day. I had been rather lax and not given him a huge amount of guidance before the day itself but he dealt with all of the questions with good grace and humour. Things really wouldn’t have run as smoothly without him there. Overall I think the day went pretty well. I’m sure there’ll be more of these sorts of things happening in the future.