Haven’t we been busy

Over the last few months you may have seen less of me and the rest of the LDC team than usual. But there is good reason, we have been busy little bees creating a new product that hopefully you’ll be interested in if you work in the Domino world.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to cover the Why, What and How of LDC Via, and Why is first.

What we’re seeing now is that Notes and Domino are viewed (whether correctly or not—that’s a separate discussion!) as being somewhat old-fangled, uncool and—that horrible word—“legacy”. The upshot is that some organisations are reducing, or even stopping, investment in this platform. For email they may well be migrating, or have migrated, to Microsoft or Google. Those that are staying with IBM may be considering moving to IBM SmartCloud for email. So, for many, the on-premises Domino servers have become a liability, a problem, and an unwanted overhead. But—and it’s a big but—there are important business records and data locked away on those servers.

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We’re also looking for people to get involved with our beta program. If you or your company is interested then please contact us and we can let you know more detail.