Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air

I recently upgraded my iPad to the new iPad Air, it’s a huge difference in terms of performance and usability, but regardless of the touch based device I’ve never been able to type very fast on them.

I am able to access the email for one of my clients on the iPad which means I don’t have to log into the VPN to check everything is OK, it makes my life a lot easier, and since I’ve got this new Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard case for the iPad it’s even better. I can type pretty close to normal speed, even though the keys are smaller, they are *real*. So on my desk now I have the iPad sat on the keyboard as a reasonably good stand, that also allows me to type.

I can also envisage me using the keyboard and iPad at conferences and the such like, I’m typing this now sat on the sofa and it feels reasonably solid and saves me having to have the full laptop out. Even with the improved battery life of OS X Mavericks, I still don’t get a full day, whereas with the iPad I really can.

The other thing which the keyboard offers is some real improvements in terms of shortcut keys, so cut, copy and paste work as though I were on my laptop, the “Escape” key allows me to quickly switch between applications and I can use the keyboard to control media playback, volume etc. All in all, if you use your iPad for any sort of serious input rather than just as a consumption device then I’d highly recommend this.