XPages101 Online is here

One of my big takeaways from Lotusphere this year was that there is a huge appetite for XPages training material. I had already got my classroom based XPages101 course lined up, but now that that’s done, it’s time to turn attention to the rest of the world and the online format.

So what I’ve come up with is a new website (same URL as before though) at xpages101.net. From here you can see the details of the classroom based course but there’s a whole other section of the site devoted to online material. Now to make this work for me (I run a small business on my own and this stuff takes a *lot* of time to put together) there is a charge for the content. But I’ve tried to make it as appealing as possible.

You have two choices, either a single user account or a five user account. In both cases you’ll get full access to the site, all of the videos and support content for a full 12 months. The aim from my side is to keep on adding new videos every week or two for as long as there are interesting things to talk about. I just worked out what I have to create lessons on and it will take me well into May just from my initial list!

Also, to thank you for your early interest in the site, you can use the coupon code “earlybird” at check out and get a 33% discount until February 26th.

So please, go and check out the site, let me know what you think and if you have any areas that you’d like covered the please either comment here or use the contact us form on the site.