Using the system to build the system

You’re not meant to apologise for radio silence on a blog, so I shan’t but things have been very busy. I’m working on several really cool projects at the moment so time for the blog has rather fallen to the bottom of the to do list.

What is really great news from both my own business and from IBM’s point of view, is that three quarters of my work at the moment is doing development for 8.5 servers, and not just that, but doing development on XPages. It looks as though the latest refresh of the server and Domino Designer has given the development market for Domino web apps the kick up the backside that it really needed.

As always one of the things going on is the next version of IdeaJam. A couple of weeks ago we posted asking for input on what people want to see on the new home page that we are designing. That’s still a work in progress, but we’ll definitely keep you updated. The other area that we want to concentrate on (at the behest of various customers) is the statistics page. Currently we use the JFreeCharts java library to build the charts, they’re cool and everything but require a lot of processing on the server and aren’t very “live”. So we’re planning to move back to some flash charts and are looking for views of what you want to see:

In other news, I’m off to Sweden next week with Tim Clark to do another repeat of the XPages course. Looking forward to getting back over to Stockholm as I haven’t been for a few years. Then it’s back to the UK for a day before heading off to Morzine for a long stag weekend. I don’t mind telling you, life is pretty tough at the moment. 😉