Setting up the stand

I’ve been over here for a couple of days now and am properly acclimatised, I highly recommend turning up a couple of days early, it lets you chill out before the craziness that is Lotusphere. We’ve done all of the pre and pre-pre parties and everyone is here. Sessions are starting today, but we’re busy setting up the stand, it’s looking pretty cool if I do say so myself. The 24″ iMac really makes a big difference.

At 10 o’clock we’re off to the BDD Opening session where we’ll find out the winners of the breakout technology award. And then this afternoon we’re doing a couple of presentations to the judges of the Best in Show award and the CTO Award. So it’s going to be an exciting day, as is the rest of the week. Come on by stand #227 and say Hi to Bruce, Gayle, Kitty, Mark or myself 🙂