LotusBeer London

Julian and I were chatting and decided that it’s about time for a London Domino beers evening in London. The tentative plan is to meet up somewhere in Zone 1 from about 6:30pm on Tuesday 18th March for beers and… well more beers. If you’re around and have an opinion about where would be a good venue then let us know, otherwise we will take a unilateral decision for us to meet at the Market Porter. 😉 Either way, hope to see you there.

Update: OK, I’m told by a certain Scotsman that the term LotusBeer has prior art in the form of the Aberdeen Lotus Drinking Club. Obviously I am mortally embarassed to have made such a rookie mistake and, as way of recompense, there will be a free beer voucher behind the bar of the southern arm of the Lotus Drinking Club when we meet in March for any of our north of the border brethren to take advantage of. (Restrictions may apply, see pub for details)