And we're off

I’m just sat in the Virgin Clubhouse at Gatwick airport having some breakfast and waiting for my plane. One of the bonus’ of the move down to London is that the journey to the airport is much less fraught, just an hour in a cab door to door.

This is the first time I’ve flown for a while so I was expecting the worst at the security checks but they were’nt too bad, about a 20 minute queue I guess.

The rest of the day shouldn’t be too bad, just sit and catch up with reading on the plane and then the plan is to meet up with a few people at the pool bar at the Dolphin. It’ll bee a much needed break after a crazy couple of weeks. For some reason January is always very busy, on the drive down here I was just listing in my head all of the different technologies I’ve written code for in the last 10 days…

  • Lotusscript
  • Javascript (Prototype, and Dojo)
  • Java agents
  • Java servlets (on Domino and Apache Tomcat)
  • JDBC connection to Oracle
  • FOP PDF generation
  • Written one Web Service
  • And consumed another (although that was easy using Stubby).
  • So now I’m fully acronym’d up for the week ahead bring it on!