Errands Run

So I have spent the day basically on a shopping trip for people (got your t-shirts Simon and your iPod Andy!) and enjoying the weather. It’s about 80 degrees here today and the forecast looks like we won’t be freezing like last year for the Sunday night party.

There is a new Apple store at the Florida Mall so there are two to choose from now which is a good thing (due to lack of black iPods att Millenia I took the short hop over to Orange Blossom Drive as well).

Haven’t decided yet whether to head over to Downtown Disney and the Cirque du Soleil or just the Boardwalk tonight. I guess I’ll see who’s around and then whether I fancy a beer or not. Stupid question really, I know I will!

Anyway tomorrow is the first semi-official set of parties with Bruce’s pre Turtle gathering at the Big River Brewery and then on to the Turtle gathering at ESPN. It’s really the start of Lotusphere and a week of little sleep but good fun.