well i am here, the weather is great and i have already had a busy day.

the journey was uneventful, if a little long. i had forgotten that it is a nine
hour flight out to orlando and i had seen all the movies. but at least i
finished my book.

i had planned to go to the gonzo lotusphere party but bumped into some
ex-colleagues and we never made it that far. instead we were on my balcony
overlooking the sunday night party area. a few drinks were consumed and we just
generally caught up as i hadn’t seen them for ages.

today has been extremely relaxing, i had a lie in this morning and then went to
get some brunch at the ihop (private joke with my family!). sunday is always a
slightly odd day, the sessions are optional and i just ended up having a wander
around and met up with a few people. it’s the sunday night party in a few hours
and there is meant to be a bloggers meeting which should be interesting to put
faces to names at least.

tomorrow is the start proper of the conference with the big key note speech
first. hopefully it will go a little better than last year. certainly there are
more interesting developments to talk about.

and finally, i have managed to forget one of my cables so photos will have to
wait until i get home on friday.