Idea Jam earns its keep

If you hadn't already noticed, we have opened up registration on Idea Jam. Already there are a ton of good ideas and seemingly a lot of people getting involved with making suggestions, voting and answering issues for the community.

I though I'd just mention one idea because, from my point of view it shows the great possibilities of the site. Doug Finner posted an idea about allowing the user to turn off the automatic opening of the properties dialog when you open a view or agent in Domino Designer. Well within 3 hours Voytek Wicinski and Alan Lepofsky had both posted about an existing notes.ini setting "DesignNoInitialInfoBox=1" which does exactly that for you already.

This is great news to me in several ways, best of which is that I didn't know about the ini parameter and do now. But also it shows the kind of people which Bruce has managed to attract to Idea Jam. If you work with any Lotus product I think you're probably going to get some real benefit from getting involved.

Latest Beta of Idea Jam released

I headed up to Suffolk to see my parents and sister over the weekend, a really nice couple of days if a little short as I had to get back to London. "Why?", I hear you ask, well because we wanted to get the latest version of the Idea Jam released to the live site. It took a couple of hours as there was quite a lot of data migration to do, but it seems to be pretty stable now so an email has gone out to all of the beta testers. But please do feel free to go and have a look around.

If you spot any problems then please drop one of us a line and we'll try and get to it as soon as possible.

I guess it's pretty obvious why things have been so quiet around here lately, unfortunately things aren't going to get any better soon, my "day job" has a huge project going live mid November so with two systems going live at around the same time, the opportunities to blog are few and far between.

The Idea Jam is coming

Well we've been beavering away for the last few weeks and yesterday Bruce announced the release date of the Idea Jam. Hopefully you'll come along, have a look around and then, on the big day, 20th November, you'll register and get your ideas heard by the Lotus community.

You can view the full press release here

Update Wow, just looking at the list of posts on Bruce's blog there is just great feedback from the Domino community. I'm really looking forwards to November 20th now :-)