Belated Lotusphere '05 Review

Reading the May '05 PC Pro (UK version) I was surprised to see a full page devoted to Lotusphere. A generally positive article, if a little belated, with a couple of good quotes...

For Bruce

The sheer breadth of products at this one show was astonishing... [including] the guys from who are still reeling from the huge uptake of their alternative public-domain templates.

And one for Ed:
...if I were taking long bets on the comparative futures of Notes and Exchange, I'd be gently backing away from Mr Gates' offering.
I can't find the article online so these will have to do for the moment, but if you want a copy then I'll be happy to scan it and mail it to you.

Back to earth with a bang

After such a great week in Florida the real came back in spades. There was a pile of production issues to deal with, a data migration going badly wrong and at least two new projects to deal with. Still at least life isn't boring!

The weekend is to be spent waiting for a delivery tomorrow and anticipating the start of the Six Nations with relish and then on Sunday I'm meeting Judith and Matt for lunch as the rest of the family have deserted us to go off galavanting around the world (as if I can complain).

I am also in the process of selling my car. I am trying two paths, the traditional - listing on the Autotrader website and magazine for a couple of weeks. And the less traditional - an eBay auction. It'll be interesting to see what success, if any, I have with either route. Updates to follow as and when.