Forum Friday: Public Access File Resources

Declan’s Forum Friday idea happened to coincide with me coming across what is seemingly a bug in Domino which has been around for a long time. So back in 2006 the following question was asked on

“In the ACL, Anonymous is set to “No Access” with read and write to public document. Anonymous don’t have problem opening form, pages, image resource which have “Available to Public Access”.

But I face a problem with file resource. I’ve check on the “Availabel to Public Access” but it still prompt a login? How can I overcome this? “

I hadn’t come across this before, but doing some testing on the next version of Idea Jam it bit me.

The file I was trying to get to was Mootools. The obvious answer was to move it into a script library, but because it’s a compressed file all on one line, Domino doesn’t serve it up correctly. So my rather dirty solution was to change the File Resource to be a Stylesheet Resource instead. The reason that this will work is that Stylesheet Resources don’t serve up a content type (whereas if you try to use an Image Resource it will tell the browser that it should expect a graphic which causes an error). So a quick and dirty solution but it does work at least. Now I wonder if we can get the bug fixed since that it seems to have been around since ND6.x.