Streetcar (Part 2)

So after my post earlier in the week I got a lot of feedback via e-mail. One of the links I was pointed to was, to be honest I was highly sceptical but their online quote tool offered me a reasonable price for my car so I booked an appointment to go and see them. I assumed that once there they would try any way possible to reduce the quoted price, so was quite prepared to just drive away but, amazingly, they were completely true to their word and 15 minutes after arriving I was car-less and waiting for the train to get back into London. What a pleasant surprise for the second hand car industry to pull.

When I got home I tried out Streetcar and again it couldn’t have been easier. Just book a time slot, swipe your card to get in, enter a PIN to disable the immobiliser and off you go. It’s the little touches which are nice, there is an iPod connector built in to the stereo, a log book for any damage to get recorded in etc. Overall I think this is going to be a good switch over to being a non car owner for the first time in 12 years.