heavy coding

recently i haven’t been doing a huge amount of hard-core coding but this week i
have got back into java in a big way.

i am writing a couple of servlets to use for a few different projects. it’s
always amazing how quickly you forget the minutae of programming. it’s taken
hours to get going but now i am i have to take advantage of it and produce as
much as possible.


if you haven’t signed up for this weekly mail drop you should… now… before
it gets closed down.

sample for this week: “More than anything on this earth, Komodo Dragons are
the creature that represents evil. If it were up to me, I’d just shoot those
sons of bitches.” – Billy Bob Thornton

not another new feature?

it is true, you’ll notice that there is now a comment option against each blog
entry. i have not done any testing on it yet but i thought i’d put it up anyway
and see how it goes.

so go for it!


a most bizarre morning

it was the queen mother’s funeral this morning and our office, like the rest of
the country, had a 2 minutes silence, except that our secretary made some extra
rules like “if you don’t agree with this then please leave the building!”. so
about half the office went and stood outside for 5 minutes.

then it was off to the pub for a 30th birthday celebratory drink

not much will get done this afternoon…

jakob nielsen

if you work in the internet industry it isn’t long until someone points you to
have a look at jakob nielsen’s site “useit“.

to be honest i disagree with a lot of what he says and i dislike his site but
then who am i to comment?

bad moods

isn’t it amazing how they creep up on you?

i had quite a good weekend all told and yet this morning i am in a foul mood.
it seemed to only need a tiny trigger (the train was it’s usual 15 minutes
late) and now i am snapping away at work. i just console my self knowing that
my bad moods only last for a couple of hours and then i am back to my normal

until then ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

oh well!

the bets on the grand national didn’t come off and to top it all france won the
grand-slam in the 6 nations and ipswich look like they are going to be

new area

i have added a new area which is a list of albums which i am currently
listening towith maybe a few comments on why i like it or any other
significance it holds for me.

looking at the list of artists, it really confirms to me that i have a fairly
conservative, if wide ranging, taste in music.

ladies and gentlemen i give you – sherriff fatman

i was just downloading some music from emusic and came across a classic early 90s band – carter
the unstoppable sex machine.

my brother was really into them and i remember him getting 30something, i am
just getting their radio 1 sessions. a good bit of nostalgia

grand national

it’s the grand national tomorrow. lots of people putting on their annual bet at
the bookies. for what it’s worth (very little imho) i am going for “david’s
lad” for the win (10/1) and “mely moss” as a good outsider for an each-way

last year i won just under £600 with red marauder (33/1) but that was very much
a case of more luck than judgement, only 3 of the 40 runners finished!