the jubilee weekend has finished and we can all return to the real world. if
there’s one thing we do well it’s pomp and big occasions. apparently there were
a million people in london yesterday for the carnival and parades down the mall
and the royal family did themselves no harm at all.

for my part i was recovering from a weekend spent getting sunburnt and drinking
too many french and spanish beers (how inappropriate). we were incredibly lucky
with the weather, especially on monday when heavy rain would have ruined what
turned out to be an excellent party in a marquee which had been put up in a
field owned by some family friends.

luckily i am only in for 2 days this week because friday is the england v
argentina world cup match and it just can’t be missed. although having seen the
first game versus sweden maybe missing it will be a good idea.


i have got quite a lot of new music recently including 1 giant leap which superb
and the streets – original pirate material. both a bit different from my usual
tastes but both really good.

it’s a pity that most “popular” music at the moment is so poor but these more
than make up for it.


the world cup has
started so we now have a month of uninterrupted football. at the time of
writing senegal are beating france in the first game… hooray!


we released a new version of our software at my current contract site
yesterday. it was a fairly chunky bit of work and the only time we could get to
do the release was at 3pm during the week which is less than ideal but it seems
to have gone rather well. past experience has taught me that everything that
can go wrong during a release normally will but yesterday was the exception
which proves the rule… i hope.

so with the golden
long weekend coming up i can have a relaxing(ish) few days.

contrary to a lot of reports i think quite a lot of things will be happening to
celebrate (it is a good excuse after all). i have got my brother and
sister-in-law coming to stay and we are all heading to mum and dads for a
jubilee party on monday which should be pretty good fun as long as the weather
holds out.


we went to see star wars –
episode II – attack of the clones
last night. apart from having the longest
film title ever if it were 45 minutes shorter it would have been quite a good
film but there was so much of george lucas’ clunky dialogue to get in, by the
end i was looking at my watch. there were some excellent fight and chase scenes
though. moment of the film – yoda fighting the baddie, it was worth going just
for that!

big brother

it’s that time of year again… big
is back. it’s mindless pap but every year i find myself leaving it
on the tv when i am doing other things. the satellite channel e4 shows it 24
hours a day.


i am having some trouble with my adsl at the moment so the cams are
intermittant at best. when i get a free hour or so i will sort it out.


if you work in the notes/domino arena then you have probably already heard of
ned batchelder,
if not his site is still worth a read. as i understand it, ned was the
guy behind the original release of domino (back in the heady days of 4.x) and
without his work i certainly would not be in the rather fortunate position i am


i have put my pictures from san francisco up today, there are only a couple of
“normal” touristy photos. the rest are of the conference i attended so they
range from pics of the band smashmouth to some of the moscone center where the
conference was based.