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This morning was dedicated to the big crowd pleaser sessions. Firstly Duffbert and Warren did the developers are from Mars, admins are from Venus for the first time. It was hilarious, especially the videos which they have been filming all week. And then for the last time (at least for the moment) Paul and Bill performed Worst Practices. It was as good as ever but what really made it this year was Duffberts last fifteen minutes where he exposed just how the ILUG conference is run behind the scenes. Truly some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen at Lotusphere.

All week Paul has been doing a wonderful job of pimping idea jam for us, to the point today where he didn’t even need to mention it, instead the audience all chanted “post it on ideajam.net” and we are really seeing the effect with a whole slew of new posts this week.

It’s the bloggers bof this evening followed by the party at universal so expect a little more radio silence from me.