cd copy protection

this article on yahoo describes the new copy protection for audio cds
used by sony. apparently it will crash your pc if you try to listen to the

now, the obvious response is that anyone who listens to celine dion deserves
what they get but it will not stop with bizarre swiss/canadian warblers. i for
one will simply vote with my feet and not buy any copy protected cds. well done

on a more positive note… i use emusic for downloading mp3. you pay a (relatively)small
monthly fee and get unlimited downloads of 200,000 mp3s… legally. this is
exactly the way the record companies should be going, not treating all music
buyers as criminals.

back to work :(

back to work today after a very relaxing few days off for the easter bank
holidays. although it appears there may be another day off next week for the
queen mothers funeral.

talking of which… prince charles has had a go at the bbc apparently because they
did not wear black ties when they announced her death. now it’s all very sad
and everything but i would suggest that for the vast majority of the country it
is just that, not something to go over the top about. the royals tend to live
in their own little dream world when it comes to pr.

new cam live

i have put a new webcam live this morning. so now they will usually be showing
the garden and the office.

that’s my constructive work done for the day, go to the football now I think


it’s an early easter this year so we have an extra long weekend. off for a
family lunch at my parents house later on which is always good!

it looks like spring is finally here. every year the winter period seems more
depressing. maybe it’s the whole getting up early in the morning for the
commute to london or the fact that the weather seems to be just grey wet and
cold rather than sunny and cold. anyway it doesn’t matter now as we have the
closest england gets to good weather for the next 5 orĀ 6 months… roll on the

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