Evernote to Bear

I’ve been an Evernote user for years. But recently it’s been an on and off thing as I get more and more annoyed with their service. The problem is that I keep trying to find something that will do everything I need, find a tool that I think might work and it never quite does so I crawl back to Evernote with my tail between my legs.

The issues with Evernote are several, I use it all day long for note taking in meetings, writing blog posts, planning out code changes and so on. Over time, the software has just become a bit too bloated, the editor doesn’t support Markdown which is de rigueur these days, and then there’s the pricing changes, the data leaks. Basically, if I can find something better then I will jump ship.

Well, I think I may have finally done just that. Bear is a much cut down note taking tool, it syncs beautifully across Mac / iOS, supports Markdown and it’s a really nice text editor to use.

The only issue I struggled with so far was bringing across tags and notebooks from Evernote. There is no concept of a notebook in Bear (that I can see), but you can “sub tag” content. So you’ll need to work out a strategy to bring across your Evernote documents. For me it was a case of doing it a notebook at a time, but YMMV.

So, for the moment, this is what I’m trying out. Do you have any better suggestions?