MWLUG just a week away

In just a week I’ll be flying to Atlanta to attend my first ever MWLUG event.

From what I’ve heard it’s a really good conference and I’m certainly going to be busy. I’ll be working on the LDC Via booth in the sponsor showcase most of the time so please come and say hello.

And then at 4:45pm on Thursday I’ll be presenting a new session:

Node.js for Domino Developers

The world of web development is moving pretty fast, it’s good to keep an eye on what the leaders are doing. Node.js is currently one of the most popular development platforms out there. This session will walk you through the basics. What is node.js? How do I get started? Is it something I want to get involved with? The key for all of this is that Matt is a Domino developer by trade, so we’ll talk in terms we all understand!

Hope to see you there.