Wireless Wednesdays

Over the first few months of 2014, Rich Sharpe of Teamstudio and I are going to be doing some webinars about developing mobile applications. We’re calling them Wireless Wednesdays as we aim to do something on the first Wednesday of each month.

So it all kicks off on Wednesday 8th Jan with our first webinar where we will talk about:

  • Why to mobilize a Domino application
  • Mobile development options for Domino developers
  • The basics of mobile app performance tuning
  • 7 tips for a successful mobile business app

You can register for the webinar here.

Of course we set up this “first Wednesday of the month” rule and then immediately go and break it. The first week of February is right after IBM Connect where Rich and I will be presenting a session about our Mobile Controls Project on the Tuesday afternoon:

Creating a Mobile Application Framework with XPages

If you create a lot of mobile web applications, you may notice other frameworks such as JQuery Mobile and the XPages Mobile Controls just don’t do exactly what you need. So we created our own, specifically designed for XPages. In this session you’ll learn about the open source framework that’s been have created. We’ll show how it allows you to quickly drag and drop standard custom controls into an XPage to create a mobile application. We’ll also talk about the process of creating an open source project and future plans.

So if you’re going to IBM Connect then hopefully you’ll come along to the session, but the following week I think we’ll be recovering so the next webinar after January will be in March.