Geeky buying spree

It’s been a bit of an expensive month on the tech front for me, some bits necessary, some not so much, but all, so far, good. So what were the additions to the White household?

First, were new iOS devices. I justify the new iPhone 5S and the iPad Air by the fact that I spend an ever increasing amount of time doing mobile development. The fact that they’re actually really nice devices is a by the by and should be ignored!

I also needed to finally invest in a NAS. I have been using a Drobo for years now and it’s fine, but it’s only USB and the prospect of a new Drobo chassis was looking quite expensive. So on the advice of Messrs Poole and Robichaux I checked out the Synology line of products. I ended up plumping for the DS413J and four Western Digital 2tb Red drives. It gives me 6 terabytes of storage which should keep us ticking over for quite a while. And along with a new gigabit switch for the home network it all pretty much flies along. The Drobo can also plug into the back of the NAS so I can either expand the amount of storage I need or add an extra layer of redundancy on my backups.

The last thing we’ve got is a new wireless speaker for the living room. This is basically heresy for my Sonos loving friends, but I’m not an audiophile and I was balking at the cost of starting a Sonos installation. It occurred to me that as an all Apple household, we’ve got music playing devices all over the place in the form of phones, tablets and laptops. So I invested in a wireless speaker which supports Airplay from Philips, the Fidelio AD7000W. It’s nice and discreet and produces good sound (to my ears anyway).

 And with that the credit card crawls back to its hiding place to recover.