It’s a small Lotus world raffle results

Last night we had the fabulous UK Night drinks event run by Warren Elsmore. He very graciously allowed us to do the drawing of our raffle which we’ve been blathering on about for the last few weeks. I thought I would let you know the interim results.

In the end we had eight prizes to give away thanks to the huge generosity and talent of messrs Steve McDonagh and Carl Tyler as well as Mark Myers for organising the original image that started this whole thing off in the first place. I should also thank Paul Mooney who spent the whole of UK Night doing a wonderful job of lightening peoples wallets in return for raffle tickets, he has missed his calling as a salesman.

So the winners were…

Sarah Wise
Kevin Marshall
Ron Ruggles
Keith Smillie
John Head
Deb Latter
Ray Gannes
Gaby Spastewski

If you won and have not yet picked up your prize then contact me and we will work out the logistics of getting the prize to you.

We haven’t yet done the final tally for the money raised for the Childrens Cancer Association charity, but the initial count puts us as having collected $3,500. That is an amazing amount for which we thank every single person who bought a raffle ticket or helped in any way.

The Lotus community can really do some amazing things when everyone unites behind a good cause. I guess with the theme of this week being “getting social” we have proved it can work.