XPages Workshop in Amsterdam

I flew over from to Amsterdam from London this morning (easiest journey ever by the way, City airport shows that it is possible to have a vaguely pleasant travel experience still) to prepare for the two day XPages course which I’m helping to run with Clear IT Consulting this week.

I’ve not been to Amsterdam for about 18 months, and I suspect I won’t see much of the city this trip, but I do like it a lot over here.

This is continuing what is, for me at least, a busy month of travel with Belgium last week, a trip to Newcastle this weekend on which I’m sure you’ll hear more (although not maybe in the blogosphere), and then Denmark next week. It’s good to do travel some times and I’m lucky enough to be an infrequent enough flyer that it’s still a novelty for me. So I’m planted in the hotel this afternoon just continuing with my normal development work and then heading over the training room this evening to make sure everything is set up for tomorrow morning.

As Ben says, “Ah the life of the jet setting freelancer”. Indeed.