Pleasant 8.5.2 surprise… everything works!

Well maybe that’s too bold a claim, but from the point of view of regression testing IdeaJam and IQJam for XPages issues, a vanilla application works absolutely fine. And better than that, it seems to be faster as well.

Why is this even worth commenting on you ask? Well between 8.5.0 and 8.5.1 there were some quite significant changes in the way XPages worked which meant I had to do some re-coding of my XPages apps to get them to work properly when we migrated up to the new version. But, so far, and all of the usual caveats apply here* (see below for more information), I can simply copy an NSF from my 8.5.1 VM onto my 8.5.2 VM and it works.

We’ve not done any proper testing on the performance side of things, but from my usage of the application everything feels snappier.

So, who needs new features when we’ve got stability between versions. Well OK, I’ll not turn down the spangly new development features (dragging controls into the source XML of an XPage is far and away my favourite), but even without them, I’m a happy camper this morning.

*** 8.5.2 is still in beta things may change between now and when it’s released. Let’s hope not eh?