New (old) Car

I last owned a car about 18 months ago, living in London really does make it fairly uneconomic to have one. But over the last couple of months two things have conspired to make it necessary for me to get a new (well second hand) car at least for the next few months. I am driving out of London quite frequently which used to work well with StreetCar, the hourly car rental service that I have been using. But I need to get to client offices for “normal” hours which means a 5.30am start which, frankly, I have just got out of the habit of doing since I stopped commuting. Also StreetCar have reduced the number of rentals cars available near my flat which means I have to walk a fair distance before I can even get going of a morning, the cancellation of a booking this week was the last straw, so onto eBay I went.

Buying a second hand car is a risky game at the best of times, using eBay adds it’s own risk as well, but if you plan ahead it can work out very well, as it seems to have done for me this time. I got a very good price on a 2003 Volvo S60, but then spent a little bit of extra money on some HP checks, mechanical checks and insurance to make sure that if things don’t work out that I’m covered.

So yesterday I went and picked up my brand spanking old car…

New Car

Not very exciting, but that was pretty much my weekend.