Live Blogging from Lotusphere

Lotusphere is almost upon us, and not having enough to do already I’ll be involved in a couple of “Live Blogging” efforts over the week.

During the Opening General Session (OGS), Declan Lynch, Stuart McIntyre, Paul Mooney, The Turtle and myself will be live blogging in a joint effort. You’ll be able to go to any of our blogs and watch us spout a load of nonsense for the entire two hour session with photos, opinions and general rambling. I think you’ll be able to join in on the live blog with live commenting. So if you’re in the OGS, chime in with you’re opinions and if you’re not then you’ll at least be able to get a flavour of what’s going on. Just come back to my blog from about 07:30 Eastern Time (that’s 12:30 for the UK folks) next Monday the 19th of January to join in.

Also during the week there’s another group of us (Warren Elsmore, Stuart McIntyre, Paul Mooney, Bill Buchan, Tom Duff and myself) that will be posting photos to Flickr in a more “live” way than normal, ie as we take the photo we’ll post it to Flickr rather than waiting until the end of the day or even the end of the whole week. So you’ll be able to watch those going up, there’s already a couple of photos on the stream and more will be added as we travel to Florida, go to the parties, sessions and right throughout the week.