New York

The journey over yesterday was incredibly easy. I can highly recommend Silver Jet. Their terminal at Luton Airport is the way flying should work. Turn up, as you walk in someone takes your bags, asks you to sit down in a comfy chair, have some breakfast. Then while you’re waking up, an agent comes and takes your passport, goes and checks you in and brings you back all the paperwork. You only go through security as you’re boarding the plane. The plane itself is a 767 with a good compromise solution, not quite flat beds bet pretty comfortable, decent video screens are handed out and then you’re pretty much left alone. And then Newark airport is a lot better than I remember from the last time I arrived there, I was on the road 20 minutes after touching down.

My hotel on 43rd Street is excellent so far, with a Shula’s restaurant like the one in the Dolphin so after a wander yesterday afternoon I went there for some dinner. And then I stupidly thought I’d go upstairs and watch some TV, next thing I know it’s 3am and I’m wide awake. Oh well there are worse ways of spending a Sunday morning I guess.

The plan for this week is to have no plan, I’ll catch a few movies, check out the Apple store(s), just be a general tourist and relax. I haven’t actually had a proper holiday since last May, so I am really planning to do very little.