Bulging Batteries

When I shut down my laptop last night I noticed that the battery had developed a bulge in it. Not a good thing as it can mean that it can be about about to explode! So I phoned Apple this morning to see what the process was for getting a replacement. They do a fairly good service with a new battery being couriered out to me within 3 days along with a box to return the old battery in.

On the down side this is now the second hardware related thing to go wrong with my Macbook Pro, and it’s only 9 months old, with the network port on the logic board frying over Christmas as well. I do use it a lot (like 12 hours a day or more!) but I’m still slightly disappointed as my previous Apple hardware has been a cut above it’s PC brethren. The most surprising thing about the call to Apple was the hard sell of the AppleCare plan that the support guy gave me, almost as though you should expect a hardware failure and why was I stupid enough not to have bought the extended warranty.

Not buying extended warranties is just a knee-jerk reaction for me as I used to work for a company which managed them for a major retailer so I know the enourmous profits that are made off these things. But given my experiences so far maybe I should rethink in this case.