Computed For Display removes fields

It’s not Thursday I know, but what the hell.

OK, this is one which I am guessing that I should have known but I am convinced that Domino used to work in a different way. What’s the situation?

Well, we have a document which is edited on the web. The document has a field on it called “MyField”, the form which is used to display the document on the web has a computed for display field with the same name. We are finding that when the document is saved, that “MyField” is being removed from the document.

This seems entirely correct if looked at in isolation, computed for display fields are not saved. But the reason I am posting this (and am entirely expecting to get abuse for being such a dumb-ass) is that I am convinced that in previous versions (I am thinking in the R5.x timeframe) that the field would not be removed from the document, instead whatever was stored in the field would be used by the computed for display field regardless of the formula in the field on the form.

So am I just remembering incorrectly or has the way that Domino works changed at some point in the last few years?

It’s not a big issue, we just changed how the form was working, just a little unexpected.

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