Thanks to Julian

Continuing this weeks theme of giving credit to people out in the Notes community, I’d just like to point any developers who aren’t already aware towards Julian’s new OpenNTF project, Stubby. Finally we have an easy way of consuming web services from Notes or Domino.

A couple of years ago I went through the pain of trying to consume web services from a java agent, at the time it was pretty much impossible without hand rolling your own code, to the point that I had to write entire SOAP parsing classes myself. Even with the web service design element in ND7 it didn’t get that much easier. It was simpler to write all of the code in Rational Application Developer and then just import it into Notes. But with Stubby the process is now actually easier in Domino than in other IDEs, it must be the first time in a while that a claim like that can be made.

Looking at the source code Julian has obviously put a lot of time into this new project so please make sure you download it.