I had planned to go and watch the rugby at Bath today but a very big traffic jam coming off the M4 meant that I missed kick-off. That’ll teach me for having a lie in on holiday won’t it. Instead I went and had a look around Bath city centre. It’s been about 10 years since I was last here and you forget how nice it really is. Overrun with tourists like me but still managing to be an appealing place that you’d be very happy to live in.

I headed across to Bristol which I have never managed to visit until today. For some reason I thought it was going to be smaller than it is. There are basically two centre areas – one for shopping the other for tourists around the cathedral and river. Luckily that’s where my hotel is because as I was wandering around the heavens opened (it’s still raining now an hour later) so I thought I would check in early, read email and blog entries (500 in the last 48 hours to catch up on) and generally relax with a beer or two. I’ll try and get out later on for dinner and maybe a movie if the weather is still not being kind.

As I am going along and I find a decent internet connection I’m uploading photos to my Flicker page so check them out.