This was always going to be one of the easier counties as it is basically London and there is always something new to do. So I have been playing tourist today with a ride on the London Eye followed by a trip down the Thames on a boat to Greenwich.

To be honest after last night walking around was about the last thing I wanted to do but I have been letting the challenge slip over the last few weeks with everything which has been going on in work and family. Phil’s last day was yesterday and it’s a testament to how popular he is that the leaving do turned into a reunion of most of the people we have been working with over the last few years. Excellent fun to catch up with everyone and have a few beers.

By 10 o’clock I suddenly felt very tired so ducked out but after arriving at the hotel I got my second wind so ordered some food and had a bottle of wine. Big mistake, as this morning I really felt it. To try and clear my head I walked from the hotel on Alwych down to the Eye via the Houses of Parliament which quite early on a Saturday morning with a spinning head is a slightly wierd experience. Still it had the desired effect so that I could enjoy the stunning views from the “flight” on the Eye. It’s called a flght because BA sponsor the thing which is a bit cheesy but the rest of the set up is very impressive. The only thing I would say is that you need to get there early as when we were getting out of our capsule there was already a big queue forming of people wtill waiting to have their go.

Underneath the Eye is a jetty used by various boat services. I jumped on one which runs all the way down to Greenwich. I haven’t actually been on the Thames for years and it was just what was needed, just sit and watch the world go by. You forget how nice London is when all you do all day is rush from the station to the office. If my house move ever happens then I must remind myself to take advantage of all the hundreds of things there are to do.

At Greenwich there is quite a lot to see and do for the tourist; the Cutty Sark, the Royal Observatory to name two. But I actually enjoy the DLR ride back through Docklands most of all. Every time I do it there is some new building to look at, it’s so much more interesting than being hidden away like the tube. Unfortunately I had deferred the hangover for too long and it kicked in with a vengeance so I ducked straight onto the train home. Now I can just sit and relax for the rest of the weekend. Much needed after the last few weeks.