Tip to get the Workplace Express Disks

The party last night was great fun, somewhat warmer than last year and of course the all important turkey legs were present. I managed to have a go at one but didn’t really make an impression, it will live to fight another day no doubt.

I thought I’d pass on a tip – over the week I’ve been trying to find out how to get the Workplace Express Disks which Ambuj mentioned in the opening session. Well as far as I can tell they were only included in the packs for Business Partners, not us mere attendees. But if you go to the conference evaluation gift pickup booth (where you registered) and ask for a BP welcome pack they still have some (not sure how many so get there fast) which include the 3 disk set.

I can’t wait to get a machine which I can install it on now.

Now onwards to Bill’s OO LotusScript session. I wonder how hung over he’ll be?