Two Day Roundup

Driving home from Nottingham this afternoon took two hours dead. The journey up
on Friday took four, this is the joy of bank holidays in the UK. Not matter as
the rest of the Easter weekend has hardly been taxing. We did our usual (and
enjoyable) lounging around chatting, playing games (I kicked ass in Monopoly and I think
a moral victory in Trivial
although maybe Fi would disagree) and watching movies.

It looks as thought the carpet situation has been sorted, I need to wait for a
confirmation call on Tuesday but the manager in the store couldn’t have been more helpful.
He has admitted there was a snafu in the order and is going to get it sorted, I
just have to wait for a couple of weeks for the extra bit of carpet to be

And a final quickie, I got sent a photo of me aqt work that I thought had been
deleted, there isn’t a picture of me on here already so I put it up.