ibm? international b*****d machines more like

i spend a large portion of my life using ibm products (namely lotus notes &
domino), i am going to an conference in 10 days in san francisco, so if anyone
should be pro ibm it’s me.

however, having tried to use the ibm website recently i do despair. they produce some
really powerful software, domino is great and websphere is almost
totally flexible, and yet they seem incapable of designing a website which

i was trying to download a bit of software which we need to use for a project i
am working on, until recently it was simple as lotus ran their own site but now
it’s been swallowed up by ibm and is seemingly impossible.

in contrast you see articles like this where ibm are developing the next generation of
storage devices which are just mindblowing.

if me, or any of the people i work with put out a shoddy site like ibm’s we
would, quite rightly, get fired very quickly.

moan over!