Sixty not out

Today I uploaded the 60th video to It's taken me over 18 months to get this far and there are no plans to stop adding more content. In fact with the announcement of the 8.5.3 release date, there are many more areas which need to be covered. Expect to see a rash of new videos over the next few weeks.

I thought I'd post some of the stats for the site so far.



In the last couple of months I've had the 250th subscriber sign up for the site, and more are joining weekly. Since the site was re-designed earlier this year it's also easier to submit your own lesson ideas if there's something which I've not covered yet and each of the lessons has a comments section to clarify points or add you're own thoughts on the lesson.

And finally, to celebrate the 60th lesson being uploaded, here's an offer for you. If you use the coupon code "60notout" at checkout, you'll get a £60 discount on your purchase. Just head on over to to get started.