Just eight days to go...

Next week I am running (with the able assistance of my LDC colleagues) the first iteration of my new XPages101 course. Interest has been gratifyingly high, but we do still have a very few places left. If you wanted to come along and either the news got lost in amongst all of the #LS10 craziness, or you're worried about training costs generally, then I'd encourage you to check out the course page

I designed the course to cover as much as possible in a day and the price to be low enough that independent consultants and contractors (my background) can afford to send themselves on it.

So I hope to see you in London next week. If you can't make it during the day for some reason then we are also having a LotusBeer gathering in the evening of the 9th February at the Founders Arms from around 6pm. You're more than welcome to come along if you're in the area.