Lotusphere 2010 Day Two

Tuesday, for me at least, was a combination of sessions and show floor. Tim and I repeated our SHOW112 session (you can get the downloads here) and then I headed back down to the showcase.

As we're working down here, we have to negotiate as to which of the other sessions we get to go to. I ended up getting along to see Declan Lynch and David Leedy's XPages CSS and Themes session. It was a really great explanation of the power of themes, I think you can expect to see a lot more of that subject in the future, the look and feel of Web 2.0 apps is all important, so the tools to implement good design really need to be understood.

Of course, Tuesday night is party night. There are all sorts of vendor, business partner, developer and other parties going on all over the campus. The Penumbra group and then GSX were kind enough to invite me along to their gatherings so by the end of the night in Kimonos I was full of very nice ice cream and steak. 

Lotusphere is definitely a little more low key this year, it was just a 1am finish for me. But that's no bad thing, we had to get downstairs to set up the stand for the last day of the product showcase.