IamLUG Day 2

The second and final day of IamLUG was jam packed with sessions including Mary Beth Raven, Jack Ratcliff talking about EXT.ND (which is looking great by the way) and, of course, Rob Novak's Free American Beer session.

The point being here that there was great content from some industry leading speakers. The best thing about all of the User Groups that I've been to, though, is the community aspect. Lots of the usual suspects are there and it's great to catch up with them, but then you always meet interesting new people as well, it's all about the networking.

The IamLUG crew did an amazing job, they really deserve what sleep they managed to get last night!

Today it's onwards to the GSX day which promises to be interesting. I know it's admin stuff, but the server performance monitoring side of things looks really useful when you want to make a very performant Domino web application. More on that tomorrow I hope.