Cannon Beach x 2

We headed out to the Stephanie Inn at Cannon Beach for the weekend and had the most relaxing few days of the year so far, wine, good company and just general chill-axing.

So relaxing, in fact, that I managed to forget my jacket which I had left my passport in! So after heading back to Bruce and Gayle's house yesterday, this morning it was up early to head back out to the beach to get the passport so I can get home later in the week. To be honest, it wasn't a bad thing to happen as the drive through the hills outside Portland was stunning and it meant I got to enjoy even more of Route 101 which runs right down the west coast of the States. Lots of cliffs, beaches, forests and sun make for an interesting and enjoyable drive.

I really am going to struggle to get my head back in gear when I get home on Thursday. But until then I have another couple of days to enjoy. So back to the balcony here in Gold Beach to watch the sunset.