Need help with your Domino development?

This is unashamed marketing, so if you already know that I'm an independent developer please ignore!

I was chatting with a friend over the weekend who wasn't really aware that I'm an independent developer and so it occurred to me that you might not either!

Basically, for the last eight years I've been a contractor, which here in the UK means you usually have one large client. During that time I often had smaller clients that I worked with as well, but I wasn't able to commit to really serious projects with them. But as of May this year, I decided that I'd try and switch the focus of my work to be more consulting based, the theory being that I was getting lots of calls from people asking for help on small to medium sized projects that they either couldn't, or didn't want to run "in house".

So, anyway, that's a rather round-about way of saying that if you need any help with Notes, Domino, Java or web development then please do drop me a line or give me a call (+44 7767 384970) and I'd love to try and help you out. Over the years I've built up quite a list of clients, both small and large, my company website tells you a bit more about them.