Bathroom progress

The bathroom refit is ongoing, as I suspected the builders now aim to finish this coming Friday rather than the Wednesday that they hoped for, but I'd rather they do a good job than rush it. So I'm up in Suffolk at my parents this weekend taking advantage of their wifi for a change and enjoying working looking at the countryside rather than the city.

New Bathroom Progress
New Bathroom Progress

My living room is so packed with equipment for the bathroom that it's hard to move around it, let alone work in there, so when I'm back in London next week I'll be basing myself in a temporary office. This is where London is great, anything you can think of is offered somewhere, so I can go into this place and rent a desk by the day with wireless thrown in for a very reasonable £20 and get out of the builders way.

This week I've been onsite at a new client outside London and it worked out cheaper to rent a car and drive rather than train and taxi every day, and most of the time it was fine but London traffic can be really appalling sometimes. On Thursday evening it took me over three hours to do 60 miles home! uckily I won't have to do that journey very often, maybe twice a week for the next month or six weeks.

And in the meantime, version 1.2 of IdeaJam will be released shortly, we are just finishing off testing this weekend. It includes a whole pile of new configuration options which clients have asked for, so is well worth a download once we have released it. LinkJam is getting steadily closer to version 1.0 as well, we have knocked off a few more bugs this week, are busy writing documentation and are generally getting ready to release it in the coming weeks. So all is busy as ever here, now if only the weather would clear up so I can enjoy a barbeque sometime this weekend, unfortunately we can't get everything we wish for.