iPhone updated

Tomorrow was always going to be fun with the new iPhone being released. Of course I'm going to get one (assuming the O2 store has any in stock after the debacle of earlier in the week), but to whet the whistle I've upgraded the firmware of my current phone to the 2.0 software (using Volkers tip to jump the download queue).

Boy is it good, the app store is very easy to use and there is already an amazing selection of apps to download. So far I've got the iPhone version of Evernote, the AIM client, Twitterific and of course Super Monkey Ball installed and they really do feel very professional.

I'm not convinced that the v2 hardware will actually be that much of an improvement, but you know me, I have to have the latest and greatest Apple hardware so I'll be queuing in the morning at the Surrey Quays shopping centre, there'll be more impressions then (or a couple of hours later once I've got activated).

Update: And I've just found out that if you hold down the Home Key and the Power button then it will take a screenshot of your iPhone. :-) Updated iPhone screenshot