What's going on?

I'm not posting very much at the moment really, there's a lot going on with the real world at the moment...

The builders arrived this morning to start ripping out my bathroom so the next week or two is going to be messy at my flat. I do get to keep water for cups of tea but I'm going to be borrowing friends showers and staying away for the next few days as my living room is full of the new bathroom fittings, I've already walked into the new bath and skinned my shin on it twice since it was delivered :-)

Luckily work has worked out well with timing, as I am going to be at a customer site for the next couple of weeks, so at least I'll be out of the flat (although today it was way too loud to do any work so I'm sat in a Costa Coffee typing this using my new 3G card. The pay as you go deal I'm on is actually pretty good, you can get 7gb of data for GBP25 which sounds a lot but you'd actually be surprised how little you use as long as you're not streaming audio or video all day long.

On the LinkJam front we are up to version 0.9.6 in development at the moment and I finished adding internationalisation over the weekend so we're pretty much feature complete for the official release. If you've not tried it out yet, Bruce has enabled access for all IdeaJam users, just head over to linkjam.elguji.com and have a play around, both Bruce and I are now using it in place of del.icio.us and, for us at least, it is proving to be a really good replacement.

The next couple of months are looking incredibly busy with trips planned to see family around the country in the next couple of weeks, then a jolly to Belgium (after Amsterdam two weekends ago and a great trip up to friends this weekend just gone) and finally another trip over to Dublin in August. Between all of this there's IdeaJam and LinkJam, plus client work to fit in. It's really just as well I don't have a "day job" in an office any more!