DXL round-tripping joy

Yesterday I posted about some problems I was having with DXL round-tripping to edit a form design. Well Nathan got in contact with me after that and gave me some good ideas on how to debug the problem. But one thing he said really rang the alarm bells: "DXL is at it's flakiest when dealing with lots of passthru HTML and Javascript hotspots". Of course all of our forms in IdeaJam use a lot of passthru HTML, so I decided to go back to the old R4 style of developing, if your form isn't working, junk it and start again. Lo and behold, once I had rebuilt the forn being far more careful about what got the passthru HTML flag against it, my DXL changes worked properly.

So two lessons learned here, firstly, treat DXL as you used to treat hide formulae in tables in the olden days... very delicately. And secondly, make sure that Nathan's around to help when you have a problem!