DXL round-tripping woes

I've spent the better part of today working on adding new features for the next released of IdeaJam. Most of the feature requests we are getting are in the form of extra configuration, one of which was to be able to control the number of rows shown on view pages. Most of this is pretty simply done using the &count url parameter, but there are a couple of places where I had to get a little more serious. Basically we have an embedded view in a couple of forms, and there is no programatic way of getting at the "Lines to display" property (that I know of). No problem, thought I, I'll just go and edit the form design with DXL whenever an administrator wants to change the number of rows. It's not ideal but we can live with that. And indeed it is pretty easy to get at the DXL and edit the embedded view property (kudos for Ben's post from 2004 for getting me going there!).

So all fine and dandy then? Well no, whenever I update the form design like this I get three random line breaks inserted above the embedded view. When I open the form with Designer they are not there and as soon as I resave it they go again. But what it means is that my lovely new feature will have to go on the back burner until we get proper round tripping of DXL. So if you haven't already, please vote for Rocky's idea in the absence of anyone else to beat up on: